Update your accounting time zone


Editing your account time zone in Anrok allows you to ensure your Anrok account is aligned with the accounting time zone listed in your billing system. Proactively updating your accounting time zone in Anrok will help ensure the dates and times reported in Anrok reflect what is reported in your billing system.



Edit your accounting time zone

You can quickly change your Anrok time zone whenever your billing system experiences a critical time zone shift.

Try editing your accounting time zone in the demo above ☝️

  1. In the Anrok app CleanShot 2023-07-20 at 12.02.21@2x.png, go to Settings. Take me there!
  2. Next to Accounting, click Edit.
  3. In the Time zone drop-down box, select the time zone that matches your billing system (or select UTC if you don't know which time zone to select).
  4. When you’re finished, click Save.


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