Review remitting jurisdictions


If a jurisdiction is in a remitting_status_anrok.png status, you are officially registered within the jurisdiction and are required to remit sales tax and file returns. In Anrok, you can review the remitting jurisdiction's tax calculation date, collection method, and filing frequency. You can additionally check whether Anrok has detected a possible change to the jurisdiction's filing frequency or physical nexus Physical Nexus
Having a physical presence in a jurisdiction sufficient for a state to impose a sales tax obligation. This can include having an office, a remote employee, an independent contractor, inventory, or regular travel for work into that jurisdiction.

It is also a best practice to look over which type of nexus exposure you have in the jurisdiction and which products in your product catalog are taxable.



Review a remitting jurisdiction

You can review a remitting jurisdiction to review important jurisdiction details. You can also check product taxability and the jurisdiction's cause of exposure.

Try reviewing a remitting jurisdiction in the demo above ☝️

  1. In the Anrok app CleanShot 2023-07-20 at 12.02.21@2x.png, go to Jurisdictions. Take me there!
  2. Select the Remitting tab, then select a remitting_status_anrok.png jurisdiction.
  3. Under Jurisdiction details, review the following details:
    • Tax calculation start date
    • Tax collection method
    • Filing frequency
    • Registration or tax ID
    • First registration date
  4. If there is a warning  CleanShot 2024-01-05 at 11.18.06@2x.png  next to Filing frequency, check whether the state has made an update to your filing frequency. See Change a jurisdiction's filing frequency.
  5. Under Notes, review any notes provided by our Registrations team (i.e. your sales tax account username and password).
  6. Under Economic nexus, review whether you have reached the jurisdiction’s economic threshold.
  7. Under Physical nexus, review whether you have a physical presence in the jurisdiction.
  8. If there is a possible exposure warning  possible_exposure_warning_anrok.png  under Physical nexus, click View employees to verify the employee detected. If the reported information is accurate, click Record physical nexus. See Record HRIS physical nexus in a jurisdiction.
  9. Under Product taxabilities, review which products in your product catalog are taxable in the jurisdiction.


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