Maxio setup (SaaSOptics)


This guide outlines the process for linking your Maxio account with Anrok. This will allow you to automatically synchronize transactions and update sales tax to your Maxio invoices.

Anrok does not integrate directly with Maxio non-Advanced Billing (formerly SaaSOptics), but we integrate with invoicing platforms that have a two-way sync mechanism with Maxio, like QuickBooks, NetSuite, or Xero.

Integration Architecture

The Maxio SaaSOptics two-way sync mechanism works as follows using QuickBooks as an example:

Enterprise transaction example

SaaSOptics Integration Flow.png

  1. Invoice creation  — the billing team creates an invoice in Maxio. Using the Maxio <> QuickBooks two-way sync, the new Maxio invoice syncs to QuickBooks automatically. 
  2. Calculate and record tax — QuickBooks notifies Anrok of the new invoice and sends all relevant information for tax calculation - including the products sold and customer address.
  3. Return tax amount — Anrok calculates the relevant tax amount and updates the QuickBooks invoice using the QuickBooks API. The Maxio <> QuickBooks two-way sync pushes this tax calculation back to the Maxio invoice.
  4. Payment — sellers are required to remit sales tax to a state upon invoice, not receipt of payment. Anrok is not in the integration flow of payment.

Integration setup

In order to integrate Anrok and Maxio, the first step is to enable a two-way sync integration between Maxio and some supported Anrok integration platform, like QuickBooks, NetSuite, or Xero. Please contact your Maxio sales representative to enable a Maxio two-way sync on your account.

Once you have successfully set up the Maxio two-way sync into another billing platform, you can follow our Help Center guide for your choice of billing platform:

  1. Integrate Anrok & QuickBooks
  2. Integrate Anrok & NetSuite
  3. Integrate Anrok & Xero

If you have any questions about integrating Maxio with Anrok, please reach out to your Anrok representative for more information and support on any implementation needs.

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