Manually add a transaction


Sometimes, you may have an invoice that doesn't go through your traditional billing channels that you'll need to add manually into Anrok. Adding this invoice to Anrok will help you maintain an accurate and up-to-date financial record, which is crucial for tax reporting and reconciliation. You can complete manual entries for various types of transactions, including sales, credit memos, and refunds.



Add a transaction

You can handily add a transaction, credit note, or refund into Anrok if the transaction is not currently present in your list of transactions.

Note CleanShot_2024-04-30_at_16.01.40_2x-removebg-preview.png

Taking these steps concurrently with issuing the invoice is recommended, as Anrok will display the appropriate tax to include on the manually added transaction.

Try adding a transaction in the demo above ☝️

  1. In the Anrok app <span">CleanShot 2023-07-20 at 12.02.21@2x.png</span">, go to Transactions. Take me there!
  2. Select Add transaction, then enter the transaction’s transaction ID, currency, and date.
  3. If this transaction is a refund, click the applicable checkbox anrok_checkbox.png, then enter the original transaction date.
  4. Under Customer information, search for an existing customer or add a new customer.
  5. Under Address, enter the customer’s street address, city, state, zip code, and country.
  6. If this transaction occurred in an international jurisdiction, under VAT registration numbers, enter the customer’s VAT ID(s) if applicable.
  7. Under Line items, select the line item that was purchased, then enter the total sales amount.
  8. If more than one line item was purchased, click +Add line item to add an additional item to the invoice.
  9. Once you are finished, click Preview.
  10. Once you have reviewed the transaction, click Add transaction.


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