Monitor your open returns


When a return is open and still receiving new transactions, it will have an open_status_anrok.png status. This means that we are still in the period for which the return relates. During this time, you can easily review the return details and monitor what transactions are being included. Actively reviewing open returns helps ensure you file sales tax returns accurately, which reduces the risk of receiving penalties or needing to amend the returns later.

Once a return's transaction period has ended, the return will move to a ready_for_review_status_anrok.png status. See Review returns ready for filing.

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When monitoring open returns, you may have transactions you’d like to exclude from their associated return. See Edit transactions into and out of returns.



Review an open return

You can easily review open_status_anrok.png returns to review return details and monitor what transactions are being included.

Try monitoring your open returns in the demo above ☝️

  1. In the Anrok app CleanShot 2023-07-20 at 12.02.21@2x.png, go to Returns & payments. Take me there!
  2. Under the Open tab, select a return with an open_status_anrok.png status.
  3. Under Return details, review the tax due, due date, and filing frequency. 
  4. Under Jurisdiction overview, review the gross sales, taxed sales, blended tax rate, and tax due.
  5. Under Jurisdiction detail, review the jurisdiction type, jurisdiction name, and tax rate.
  6. Under Transactions, review the transactions that will be included on the return. Click the Transaction date drop-down box to filter by transactions inside and outside of the return period.


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