Ordway setup


Hello and welcome to the Anrok/Ordway integration guide. This guide outlines the process for linking your Ordway account with Anrok to automatically synchronize transactions and update sales tax to your Ordway invoices.


Invite Anrok to Ordway Account

The Ordway <> Anrok integration requires a user account with the Admin role. You may use your existing account and its corresponding token found in the "Retrieve User Token" section.

  • Navigate to "Setup" → "Organization Structure" → "Users"
  • Click "Add"
    • Email: existing account email
    • User Name: Anrok
    • Roles: Admin

Request API Key

Retrieve User Company

  • Navigate to "Setup" → "Organization Structure" → "Company Profile"
  • Copy Company Name

Input User Email

  • Input the email address for the Anrok user you added/shared (typically billing-integration-support@anrok.com)

Retrieve User Token

  • Navigate to "Setup" → "Organization Structure" → "Users"
  • Click on user "Anrok"
  • Copy Token

Add a VAT ID to a customer record

A VAT ID can be added to a customer record in Ordway by taking the following steps:

  • Navigate to "Setup" → "Customize" → "Customers"
  • Add field with API name "tax_id"


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