De-register in a jurisdiction


Typically, once a company is registered and filing sales tax returns with a state, it is difficult to close a sales tax registration and cease filing returns. De-registration is difficult even if a company no longer has an office or employee in the state. Nexus is easy to establish but hard to lose.

If a taxpayer has a history of at least a year with no sales and zero dollar returns, closing a sales tax account may be possible, but these rules vary by jurisdiction. When deciding to de-register in a jurisdiction, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Administrative work — De-registration can require a lot of administrative work since states sometimes require a waiting period and will have additional questions (i.e. reviewing prior returns, etc.).
  • Fluxating registration status — In states like Texas — where hiring is common — sometimes you will de-register and immediately have to re-register.
  • Customer confusion — De-registering and re-registering can cause customer confusion since their tax amount will constantly change depending on your registration status.

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De-registration within a jurisdiction is a service that Anrok does not provide. If you decide to de-register yourself, you can submit this form when the de-registration is nearing completion (or if you have already closed a sales tax account with a jurisdiction) so we can adjust your instance accordingly.

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