Report marketplace sales on returns


When you sell over a marketplace like AWS, Azure, or GCP, the marketplace will handle tax calculation and remittance on your transactions. However, many U.S. jurisdictions still require you to report marketplace gross sales on your returns.

Anrok allows you to report marketplace sales on your returns in-app to ensure you remain compliant. If you are alternatively choosing to create transactions in your billing system to represent your marketplace sales, notify so we can prevent you from double reporting any liabilities.

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The Returns & payments page’s marketplace reporting tool is an enterprise feature available on Anrok’s Core and Growth plans. Please contact to upgrade and unlock marketplace reporting capabilities.



Report gross marketplace sales on a return

You can report all marketplace gross sales on your returns to effectively report these sales to the jurisdiction. 

Try reporting gross marketplace sales on a return in the demo above ☝️

  1. In your marketplace account(s), retrieve and calculate your gross sales amounts per filing jurisdiction(s).
  2. In the Anrok app CleanShot 2023-07-20 at 12.02.21@2x.png, go to Returns & payments. Take me there!
  3. Select the ready_for_review_status_anrok.png return with marketplace sales.
  4. Under Marketplace gross sales, click the Pencil icon  CleanShot 2023-11-22 at 16.37.31@2x.png.
  5. Under Marketplace name, enter the name of the marketplace.
  6. Under Gross sales amount, enter the gross marketplace sales amount within the jurisdiction.
  7. If needed, click + Add new marketplace entry to add additional marketplaces with gross sales.
  8. When you are finished, click Save.


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