How do I know if I need to register?


Once you establish a sales tax nexus in a jurisdiction, you must register with that jurisdiction to collect and remit sales taxes. There are two ways nexus can be established in a jurisdiction:

  • physical_exposure_anrok.png Physical presence nexus means a seller has a physical presence in a jurisdiction sufficient for a state to impose a sales tax obligation. See Overview of physical nexus.
  • economic_exposure_anrok.png Economic nexus means a seller is deriving enough revenue and economic benefit from customers in a jurisdiction to warrant the jurisdiction imposing a sales tax obligation.

Anrok will show you where you are exposed_status_anrok.png or approaching_status_anrok.png economic nexus, which may be an excellent time to begin the registration process. In addition, regular check-ins with payroll are essential to know whether you have an employee in a new state that could require you to update your physical nexus information. See Monitor a jurisdiction's nexus status.

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