Ordway primer

Welcome to the Anrok Ordway integration primer. This documentation is an overview of the information and permission required to connect your Ordway account to Anrok. The integration will allow Anrok to automatically synchronize transactions and update sales tax to your Ordway invoices.

Integration architecture

From a high-level perspective, Anrok is a tool used to determine the taxability of a transaction and appends the local sales tax rate to the transaction if applicable. In addition, the platform helps track nexus exposure by aggregating all transactions in a given jurisdiction and comparing it against the relevant state thresholds. Other benefits include managing registration, returns, and remittance.

The diagrams below depict the key Anrok integration touchpoints in a typical enterprise and self-serve transaction.

Enterprise transaction example


  1. Invoice creation: the billing team creates an invoice in Ordway billing. 
  2. Calculate and record tax: Ordway notifies Anrok of the updated invoice and sends all relevant information for tax calculation - including the products sold and customer address. Anrok calculates the relevant tax amount and updates the Ordway invoice using the Ordway API. At this point, the invoice has not been recorded in Anrok. You can continue to update items on the invoice and tax will be updated accordingly.
  3. Invoice finalized: once the invoice is posted on Ordway, Anrok is notified and the transaction is recorded and instantly organized into the relevant Anrok return for automated filing.
  4. Payment: sellers are required to remit sales tax to a state upon invoice, not receipt of payment. Anrok is not in the integration flow of payment.


Below is a checklist of steps that should be followed during the Anrok integration process.

  • Provide Anrok with the Product IDs, API Key, User Token, User Email, and User Company.
  • Set-up a webhook to Anrok.
  • Test the integration in Ordway.

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