Salesforce setup


Hello and welcome to the Anrok/Salesforce integration guide. This guide outlines the process for linking your Salesforce account with Anrok to automatically synchronize transactions and update sales tax to your Salesforce invoices.

Before you continue, ensure that your Product IDs are set up in Anrok. Click here to learn how to do so.

Invite Anrok to Salesforce

First, you'll need to invite Anrok to your Salesforce account to allow Anrok to set up webhooks. When inviting Anrok, send the invitation to  with admin permissions. You also have the option to create an SFDC sandbox account called "Anrok" and type "Developer".

Create Sales Tax Product

Next, create the 'Sales Tax' product:

  • Click the dots in the upper-left and search for the 'Products' App.
  • Select 'All Products'.
  • Click 'New'
    • Product Name: Sales Tax
    • Product Code: sales-tax
    • ✔️ Active.

Create a permission set

Set up → Quick find box → Permission Sets → New

  • Label: Anrok API User
  • API Name: AnrokApiUser

Go to Manage Assignments → Add assignment

  • Choose user that you did OAuth with
  • Assign

Create Salesforce Named Credentials

Go to Setup → Quick find box → Named Credentials

Create an External Credential first:

  • External Credentials → New
  • Label: Anrok API key secret
  • Name: AnrokApiKeySecret
  • Authentication protocol: Custom

Create permission set mapping:

  • Permission set: Anrok API User
  • Sequence number: 1
  • Identity type: Named Principal
  • Authentication parameter 1:
    • Name: ApiKeySecret
    • Value: Generate an API key from Anrok and paste it here
      • Anrok → Data sources → Salesforce integration → Ellipsis menu → Manage Anrok API key → Generate Anrok API key

Create custom header:

  • Name: Authorization
  • Value: {!'Bearer ' & $Credential.AnrokApiKeySecret.ApiKeySecret}
  • Sequence: 1

Go back to Named Credentials tab → New


Final setting:


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