Maxio Advanced Billing setup (Chargify)


Hello and welcome to the Anrok/Maxio integration guide. This guide outlines the process for linking your Maxio Advanced Billing (Chargify) account with Anrok to automatically synchronize transactions and update sales tax to your Maxio invoices.

Before you continue, ensure that your Product IDs are set up in Anrok. Click here to learn how to do so. 

Create Webhook

  • Navigate to "Config" → "Settings" → "Webhooks".
  • Click "Add New Endpoint"
      • Note: To find YOUR_SELLER_ID, navigate to this link and paste the unique code from the URL bar in your browser:
    • Signup Success
    • Subscription Product Change
    • Component Allocation Change
    • Upcoming Renewal Notice
    • Invoice Issued
    • Refund Success
    • Customer update
  • Check "Send Webhooks to my Webhook Endpoint(s)".

Create API Key

  • Navigate to "Config" → "Integrations" → "API Keys".
  • Click 'New API Key".
  • Copy API Key and save in seller integration record.
  • Click "Edit" and put "Anrok" as the key description.

Find Site Shared Key

  • Click the site header and navigate to → "Edit Current Site".
  • Copy "Shared Key" and save for seller integration.

Create Sales Tax Quantity-Based Component

  • Navigate to "Catalog" → "Products".
  • Click "+ Create Component"
    • Select "Quantity Based (Recurring)"
    • Component Name: Sales Tax
    • Unit Name: dollars.
  • Set the default component pricing to $1.00 per unit.
  • Navigate to "Advanced Options"
    • Enable fractional quantities
    • Hide the service date range from invoice line items.
  • Save this product ID (numeric) as the taxProductId in the seller integration.

Configure Invoice Settings

  • Navigate to "Config" → "Settings" → "Invoices".
  • Uncheck "Display Unit Price", "Display Quantity".
  • Check "Hide Product Date Range".

Restrict Existing Coupons

  • Navigate to "Catalog" -> "Products"
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to find "Coupons"
  • For each Coupon
    • Click "Edit"
    • Under "Advanced Options", click "Edit"
    • Slide "On" for "Restrict Coupon"
    • Deselect "Sales Tax"

Add a VAT ID to a customer record

VAT IDs can be added to the “VAT number” field on the customer object.

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