Does Anrok support currency conversion?

Anrok performs automated FX conversions needed to track not only transactional currency but also convert sales into functional and return currency

Currency conversion rates are sourced from which consolidates FX rates based on many reliable sources like the European Central Bank. Our FX rates in the app are the daily spot rates between currencies.

Anrok dashboard 

Foreign currency transactions are converted to your functional currency for aggregate reporting purposes. For example, in order to see your total sales in an aggregate chart, Anrok converts your sales into functional currency and indicates this alongside the data (see yellow box). 

Anrok transaction list 

Currencies displayed on the transaction are the currency that the transaction was invoiced in.

Anrok reconciliation

In order to aggregate sales totals, foreign currency transactions are converted to your functional currency. 

Anrok returns

Currencies are converted to tax return currency as required by the filing country. 

Within the return transaction list, foreign exchange rate details can be viewed on a per-transaction basis by hovering over the transaction amounts.

Anrok exposure monitoring 

Foreign currency transactions are converted and displayed in the countries’ filing currency. 


We support the majority of global currencies. Contact us with any questions around specific currency support.


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