File VAT returns for global jurisdictions


If you are currently remitting_status_anrok.png in a global jurisdiction, Anrok has partners that provide filing support for VATVAT
A type of transaction tax levied on goods and services in more than 170 countries. Like sales tax in the US, VAT is expected to be paid by the consumer making the purchase.
returns. These partners are familiar with the software and can be added to your Anrok instance to provide a seamless filing experience. However, you will typically need to handle global remittance. Please contact
to kick off the process.

Alternatively, Anrok provides a complete draft report that is optimized for filing. You can copy over the details into the respective jurisdictions’ online return and file it yourself. You can see all of your VAT returns on the Returns and payments page. The return will have all the necessary locality information that you will need to file in each jurisdiction.

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