Submit an existing VAT registration


If you have registered for VATVAT
A type of transaction tax levied on goods and services in more than 170 countries. Like sales tax in the US, VAT is expected to be paid by the consumer making the purchase.
in a global jurisdiction and are obligated to remit VAT, you must reflect this registration information in Anrok. This will ensure that you remain VAT-compliant and maintain your VAT collection responsibilities. It will also help you avoid penalties for late or missing sales tax returns and filings. You can reflect your VAT registration by enabling tax calculation in the jurisdiction and entering your VRN registration number. See Enable tax calculation in global jurisdictions.

Once tax calculation has been enabled, the global jurisdiction will move to a remitting_status_anrok.png status in Anrok. From here, you can use the information provided in Anrok to continue filing VAT returns yourself or through the assistance of Anrok's global filing partners. See File VAT returns for global jurisdictions.

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